Didn’t Mean to be a Pinterest Fail

In my blogs, I can talk about anything from Harry Potter and the TV show, “Lost,” to eyelashes and eyebrows. The former are my true loves, but today I am gravitating elsewhere since I have a personal concern. Maybe this has happened to you. Have you ever singed your eyelashes? It can happen by leaning over a hot gas stove where you don’t belong. You might be making s’mores at a campfire and get over excited. Maybe you want to smoke a cigarette and ask for a light. It could be a match or a lighter that does you damage. So, it is not an uncommon situation, although for me there was a different cause. I over heated my eyelash curler to enhance the degree of curl. Boy, was that a mistake. I might be the only woman in town who has had a run-in with a cosmetic device, but it happened. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw that I was “eye bald.” Do burned eyelashes ever grow back, I wondered. How long would it take?

I was in a panic until I started to do some research and found this web site. You have to dig down deep to find “singed lashes.” Not many people write on this subject. I also called a dermatologist who asked me to send some photos. We got an email exchange going and I secured some helpful advice. Yes, eyelashes do grow back unless you have a second degree burn. Basically, it depends on whether your follicles are intact. This is also true of the hair on your head. It takes several weeks to start seeing some regrowth. In the interim period, you can apply eyelash growth serum if it is nontoxic and safe. There are several on the market and he gave me a suggestion. If that didn’t work in three months, I could get a prescription for a specialized product called Latisse. You have to do it twice a day at first and then in the maintenance period only twice a week. It is work it, she said, to get your lashes back.

I was encouraged and set out on a hunt for the right growth serum. Meanwhile I bought false eyelashes and a lash-thickening mascara. My friends said I didn’t look too bad. In fact, if my lashes never returned, I could stick with this regimen. It is a pain to put eyelashes on and costly to have them done professionally. However, when the experts attach them, they last for two weeks. I may indulge. Anything to avoid the bald look. I have seen people with alopecia who have no lashes or brows. Now that is a sorry state indeed. I should appreciate the fact that my situation is not dire. I expect to be back to normal in a few short months. I will abandon that nasty eyelash curler or at least stop heating it to the boiling point.