Does Watching TV Make you Fat?

I was thinking, as I looked down at the bathroom scale with some trepidation, does watching TV make you fat? I see that a few pounds have crept onto my thighs on My Weigh In, so I am looking for an explanation. I haven’t changed my eating habits, so what then? Sure, like everyone, I sit for hours in front of the boob tube enjoying my favorite shows. Sure, I eat popcorn and drink cola while I’m at it. No, I am not exercising during this sacred time. So what’s the deal? Surely I am not the culprit and my own worst enemy!

Admit it, TV probably does contribute to some weight gain over time. After all, you are in repose and munching away mindlessly. The two go hand in hand. I think a few runs around the sofa are in order during commercial breaks. Ha Ha! I think a few major runs on the treadmill at the gym are more in order. I wish there was a magic spell I could cast to take the weight off so I could go on with my life and quit worrying about this mundane and annoying problem. I plan a marathon session watching the lengthy Lost series for the umpteenth time, and I don’t want guilt breaking the magical mood.

On the subject of fat accumulation and its correlation with TV habits, let me offer some simple advice.

  • Eat one bowl less of popcorn per night. That would limit you to two instead of three. You don’t have to have caramel flavor every time!
  • Eat sugar-free fudge instead of the usual fare. It won’t be good so you will probably just stop altogether.
  • Watch only your favorite TV programs. You will be so enrapt that you will forget you are perpetually starving.
  • Get a new scale and the most accurate scale you can find. No doubt yours is off or lies. You know you are three pounds lighter than it says! Adjust it if you have to.
  • Give up and eat what you want. You work hard and deserve a treat now and then.
  • If you are totally out of control… just turn the darn thing off.

Sitting in front of the screen is a nightly activity that I look forward to. I usually eat dinner or at the least some snacks like chips and dip. Ok, so I might be overindulging causing some nasty excess weight. I will be more judicious and take some of my own advice. But fat or not, I am not giving up on my evening ritual. If you are concerned, then watching less is not the answer. Watching more and eating less is a better formula. Maybe you can acquire a taste for carrots and celery sticks. I hear pretzels aren’t too bad calorie-wise.

Try rewarding yourself with one more hour of TV each day if you lose one pound or more. Each time you add to the loss, add another hour. Now that’s an incentive! Sooner or later, you will be back on track and a mere shadow of your fatter self.