Harry Potter and the Spell Bound Fan…Me!


I’m not sure why but I am about the biggest Harry Potter fan on the face of the earth.  I truly believe that.  While there are tons of people who love the movies and the books, I have adopted Harry Potter into almost everything I do.

He’s not the most personable guy.  But then again, neither am I.  In fact, I’m not a guy at all.  I’m a twenty-something year old girl who in the opinion of many, am way too old to be obsessing on Harry Potter.  But, I do anyway.

The kid is such a misfit with his droopy old clothes and dorky glasses.  He’s everything you don’t want to be.  But, to me, there’s a certain air about Harry that I just adore.  Maybe it’s the fact that he rises above and conquers.  Or, at least in my book he does.

Let’s face it, Harry Potter witness the brutal murder of his parents and the attempted murder of himself and didn’t crumble.  He pushed on.  Now I never went through anything half that bad but my childhood wasn’t an easy one and when I feel like melting down, I bring to mind the bravery of my hero, HP.

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” may just be my favorite of all.  I was just beginning to really get into the saga when this one came out and I was mesmerized.  I also saw a great correlation between the movie and the real world.  Prejudice is everywhere be it through ethnic groups or the fact that a person does not come from all-magical families.  Grant it that this prejudice was addressed in an unconventional form but at least it was addressed.  No, it wasn’t optimal but really, what in life really is?

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was fantastic too.  Knowing that it was to be the tail-end of the tales, my friends and I got together to watch it.  I had read the book but the others had not.  It was one of the best, most exciting nights of my life to see the story unfold.  Harry and Ginny with their three kids just blew me away at the end.  And what about Hogwarts professor Neville Longbottom?  I really appreciated not being left hanging on that at least.

Some say that Harry Potter is bad because it focuses on death and things of darkness.  I can’t argue that it does lean a little to the dead and dying side and that it is full of mystical potions.  There is a good bit of bad but there is good too.  I can list a ton of times good conquered evil with the help of my little hero.

In the series, he loves, he risks all to help and he stands for what is right.  Or, that’s how I interpret it all.  I guess it’s all in the way you look at it and at life in general.  If you put your heart into it, as I do, you will perhaps come away a better person as I hopefully do each and every time I watch or read an episode.