How To Throw a Harry Potter Halloween Party For Young and Old Alike


The best Halloween party I have ever thrown was a Harry Potter party.  It was a blast.  What could be more perfect for Halloween than Harry Potter anyway?

First, I sent out invitations.  They weren’t easy to make but that’s only because I chose to do them myself and added a lot of intricate details.  I did them on parchment paper and in calligraphy, slipped them in an ivory colored long envelope and tied a piece of twine. At the top of the invites, I had the Hogwarts seal then I gave all the information in a HP creative way then requested my guests to dress as a Harry Potter character.

For decorations, I went all out.  Fortunately, I had some help from friends.  I rented a community center for the night and sectioned the main room off into Hogwarts school rooms.  I used black tarp to do that.  I had tables set up and covered in red brick patterned plastic covers to set the scene of an old foreign feeling building.

There was a room for the potions class.  I filled apothecary jars with candies and labeled them with gory Harry Potter style names such as Blood Worms and Gillyweed.  Another room was set up for magic drinks.  I used little Easter egg color tablets to color the beverages, which I served in clear cups.  You can’t really tell what color the tablets are until they disperse in the drink so as they did, each guest found his or her fortune.  I had a chart on the wall for each color.  Yellow was good fortune, green was a fortune awaiting them, etc. Horticulture class was of course one of the rooms too.

Snacks were easy.  I did up magic wands from purple licorice sticks dipped in Wilton glitter.  I scattered orange skittles out on a platter and laid the wands on them.  I had goodies in tiny cauldrons to be the Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop.

I also made the classic HP cupcakes with a pointy ice cream cone on top of the chocolate iced cupcake to look like the wizard hats.  I made yellow-gold lightning bolts on each cone of course.

Once you get your imagination flowing, you’ll find a ton of ideas lurk in your head.  You just need to use some Harry Potter thinking and magically release them.  I may have gone a bit overboard but I kept thinking of more and more things that would be cute and did them all.

My dog even got into the fun.  I made him a wizard hat and he wore it with grace.  Well, some of the time at least.

The party was such a big hit, I helped my sister throw a Harry Potter party for my nephew’s sixth birthday.  The kids love it and my nephew will never forget the fun they all had.

Harry Potter makes the perfect party, for Halloween or even for a birthday.  It is great for little kids and for those of us kids who refuse to grow up.  So unleash the magic and your party will be best on the block.  Just keep in mind, “In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.”  Dream on and happy partying!