Lost For a Great Halloween Costume Idea or Party Theme? Check Out These Great Rescue Tips

If you’re a die-hard “Lost” fanatic like me and are looking for an awesome Halloween costume, look no further.  You’re going to love this one!  In fact, you might love it so much that you’ll want to do like I did and throw a whole “Lost” party.  It’s fun and easy and it’s a memory you’ll never forget.

First off, you will want to decide who you want to be.  You might choose your favorite character or maybe the one you look the most like.  It’s your call, of course.

Last year I went as the spoiled socialite Shannon Rutherford.  I don’t exactly look like her and hopefully don’t act like her but it wasn’t all that difficult to pull off which I find a bit scary.  I simply work a white pleated mini-skirt, a white preppy t-shirt and a pink jacket.  I screamed a lot and talked like her too.

Claire Littleton is a fun one.  If you are pregnant, it should be a cinch.  You can always stick a pillow under your shirt (blue, of course) if you are not with child or, you can already have had the baby as in the later episodes.  Don’t forget to carry a jar of peanut butter around with your!

You guys with curly hair, sideburns and a good sense of humor might like being Hurley Reyes.  Simply dawn a big t-shirt, carry around Ranch dressing and a rabbit’s foot and there ya go.  Or, if you have no hair and can concoct a big scar below and above your right eye, you might rather be Hurley Reyes.  A dirty shirt, a ton of knives and maybe even a little blood on your shirt will put you in character.  Then there is Sawyer with his glasses, button –up shirts and blue jeans.  Throw in some books for good measure.  Jack Shephard, Kate Austen and Desmond Hume are other great options.

It’s not hard at all to pick a Lost character and dress the part.  It may not be quite as easy to figure out who is who which makes playing this game even more fun.  “Who Am I?” was the hit game at my party.  We did it like a charade and it was a blast.

Party invitations can be given out as messages in bottles.  You can purchase corked bottles online in plastic or in glass.  Be sure to request that your guests dress as a Lost character to make the party really interesting and fun.

For the party, set the scene on the island.  You can grab a beach scene backdrop and set about sea shells fish nets and other tropical treasures.  As the guests enter, be sure you have the theme song playing in the background.

I used old luggage for props.  Then I found some really cool sand textured spray paint that I used to spray on plastic table covers and placed the food and beverages on the tables.  For party snacks and drinks, airplane size peanuts and liquor bottles make a realistic touch.  A fruit tray is in order as well.

You are sure to get some creative ideas of your own as you go.  If you find yourself lost, just flick on an episode of Lost for a little inspiration.  You’ll soon find your character and tons of great party ideas and you’ll be lost no more.