Lost in “Lost”: What Would It Really Be Like To Be Marrooned?

The show ”Lost” is a wonderful show.  It’s one of my favorites ever.  Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be stranded on an island with a bunch of people you don’t even know?  I think about it all the time.

Maybe even worse that being with people you don’t know is being stuck with those you do know.  Take work for instance.  I can just imagine life on some island with my boss.  She’s as overbearing and rude as a person comes.  I am sure she’d be dishing out the orders for everyone just like she does at the office.

And Gerty, bless her heart.  She’s too old to even be working so I’m not sure she’d make it in survival mode.  Nope, she’d be the weak link for sure.

Now Brody, I wouldn’t mind being stuck with him be it an island or anywhere.  We are always flirting but have never taken it any further.  I imagine if stranded on an island that would all change in a heartbeat.

Sometimes I pay close attention to the survival shows that come on.  You just never know when your plane might go down.  I want to know what plants and bugs can be eaten.  With any luck I’d be full of fish but the ocean could be toxic in a really bad situation.

I used to love “Gilligan’s Island”.  I watched it religiously as a little girl.  “Lost” is my adult version of the great old show.  It has all the quirky characters that bring their personalities to the island just like Gilligan, Ginger, Mary Ann, the Professors and the Captain.  Oh and the Howells, of course.

There’s something romantic about thinking of being on a tropical island somewhere out in the South Pacific Ocean with the sunsets and beautiful beaches.  It wouldn’t take long to get to know the others and to figure out who you liked and trusted and…who you didn’t.

Sometimes I wonder if, in a situation like the characters of “Lost”, I would be likeable.  Would I be trustworthy?  I might be a whiner.  That is my guess.  I’d most likely complain about most everything.  But I would try to be a team player too.  That’s how I am.  I’d help out with anything and everything that needed to be done and would do nice things for even those I disliked.  I’m not sure how many true friends I would attract.  My belly-aching might keep others away but then again, my good heart might attract them.  I hope I never have to find out but then again, it might be fun, for a minute at least.

I think the very best, most exciting thing about being marooned on an island with a bunch of people would be being rescued.  Imagine the thrill!  But then I wonder, if it took a long time, what it would be like to return to my normal life and find how it had gone on without me.  Kind of eery!

The next time you are at the office, visiting relatives or are on an airplane trip, imagine what life would be like to be isolated on an island with those people.  Imagine all the things that would most likely be extremely challenging and things that might be pretty alright too.