Potions Lessons

Some people like to do things for themselves. They like to do it yourself and make various personal products at home like candles, bath oil, soap, etc. It doesn’t matter if you can buy it in a store or online. It is fun and challenging and the more difficult the process the better. I am talking about making pepper spray at home. It is a self defense item as most of you know. After a friend was robbed while she was at home, I decided it would be a good plan to carry this product whether I am out and about or reclining on the sofa.

I read up on the ingredients and purchased the right things including a spray bottle. I am thinking of calling my potion the Draught of Living Death. I think it is most appropriate. Now I am going to give you a lesson in the preparation of a very potent pepper spray. Considering that commercial preparations are made of capsaicin (the active chemical in chili), most recipes will involve the same vegetable from which I extract the aforesaid element using acetone solvent. My own twist will be a bit of additional pepper extract since it induces sneezing and coughing. This supplements the temporary blindness and pain of the capsaicin. This is the whole idea.

I first chopped up the chilies in fine pieces. I put them in a glass container and mashed them with a fork to make a pulp. Simple enough? I then poured enough acetone into the glass so that it covered the pieces after which I covered the container with plastic cling wrap. This prevents the acetone from evaporating. I shook the glass every hour for one full 24-hour day. Now it was time to pour the liquid through filter paper and funnel it into another glass. I let it stand in a warm spot to encourage the acetone to evaporate. What is left is a sticky red substance or small crystals according to whether or not your chilies had a high water content. If you smell your mixture and there is no residual acetone, you are done.

Let me go on to continue the process of making the pepper extract. It is the same procedure as the chilies using a different glass container. You will get a grey-brown syrup. Now it is time to combine the two extracts you have made. Add 20 ml water to the glass and mix well. You can color it with food coloring (any you want but I prefer red as it seems most appropriate). The last step is to transfer this liquid mixture to a small spray bottle. You won’t want something too big and unwieldy. You won’t need much in any case. If you should use it up on an assailant, you can always make more!

Be careful not to test it on a child or pet. You really don’t want to inflict pain, so you won’t really know if your pepper spray is effective until you use it. If this doesn’t suit you, buy it in a store from a reputable manufacturer. I recommend famous brands like Mace.