What kind of adult gets as into Harry Potter as I do?

What exactly does that say for a twenty-something year old girl?  Am I that bored or is it a tribute to my imagination that I can so creatively relate to such a mystical and magical movie…and the books, the books are even better?

It all began when I read Harry Potter for the first time.  I was hooked in an instant.  I could relate to the homely little boy in a strange and wonderful way.  I found myself wishing that I too went to Hogwarts and could mix and mingle with the students there.

The movie set it all to action.  I was there.  I was them.  That might not have been a really healthy place to be in but that was where I was and I loved the escape from the real world.  And…I still do.

The next book made it even better.  There were more characters, more spells and more potions to mix.  I dreamed about being Harry Potter or even Ginny.  I wouldn’t mind being Ron or Hermione either.  Just the thought of being at Hogwarts is exciting.

I not only imagine myself in the series of books and movies, I also write my own versions in my head.  I go to sleep thinking of wild and crazy things that could happen, mysteries to be solved and spells to be cast and broken.

Yeah, I guess it’s a little odd and for sure I am told that by my friends and family members.  But I know plenty of grown men who collect comic books and read themselves to sleep with them every night.  Some adults are still hung up on Disney.  I have an aunt who goes to Disneyland every year and collects Cinderella slippers too.  She doesn’t even have children.  Another relative is way into Spiderman and he is forty years old.  So, what gives?  Is it really so out of place that I love Harry Potter so?

Watching Harry Potter makes me happy.  Reading Harry Potter makes me even happier.  Writing more episodes in my head, well, that really just makes me tired but I think I could get motivated and put them onto paper and come up with a pretty good continuation.  After all, somebody wrote the book and somebody made the movie…why can’t I too?

In some ways, I feel sorry for Harry.  He reminds me of the lost child that I was.  He is struggling between good and evil, trying to do the next best thing.  And that is why he continually saves the day.  I am not sure I ever got to save the day but I did rescue a cat from a tree one time.  I didn’t get to use magic potions but if they were available, I would have.

I can see similarities I have with Harry and maybe that is why I love the series so well.  I can also relate to Ginny and some of the others too.  Maybe most of all I relate to the team spirit when they are bonding together to accomplish a mission.  Those are the parts that really pull me in.

I’m just a big kid at heart, I guess.  I am living in a grown up world and trying to make the best of it.  But when push comes to shove and the going gets tough, the tough turn on a Harry Potter flick and sink right on into it. It could be worse, I guess.  I could be grabbing a handful of drugs or going insane in my own head.  But I don’t.  I just watch yet another movie or dive into one of the books.  And I keep safe in my heart the words I learned straight from the Harry Potter movie, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”